Want to Hit More bull’s-eyes? Heres How?

Quite often archers panic or allow the mental aspect of shooting to affect there shot, however in various circumstances missed shots can be solved easily.  Visiting your local Archery shop might be required but diagnosing the problems can be achieved quickly.

String creep:  String creep occurs when the string will not go back to its original size.  This may be as low as 3/8 inch or far more.  This will make tuning a bow virtually impossible!

The most accurate way to check for String Creep is to take the string off the bow and measure it. This, of course, requires one to know how long the string was before the stretching and requires a bow press in most situations.  will require a bow press and the original length of the string, for most this requires the trip to the Archery Shop.  But before we head out lets check for some effects of string creep such as unusual peep site turning or an increase of draw weight or length. String Creep can also alter the nocking point, which in turn will effect arrow flight and accuracy.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, replace the string and avoid leaving your bow in hot automobiles or storage places. Also, if you max out the draw weight, reduce it for the off season.

Fletching impact:  When making a shot, the arrow’s vanes must bypass the cables and arrow rest without any contact.  If any part of the vane comes in contact with the bow, your arrow placement will be all over the place.

Signs of Fletching contact are, vanes wearing out quickly or noticeable damage to your arrow rest or cables. Fixing this problem can be as simple as adjusting arrow nocks to avoid rest or cable contact.  Adjust drop away rests to function quicker or try using different vanes.

While there are numerous conditions that could impact your shooting accuracy, the two listed above, will hopefully put you back on track.

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